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Money Speaks in Different Ways.

To a man, money speaks of power, persuasion and prestige. To a woman, money speaks of security, standards and status. The male view of money is outward facing; the female view reflects her value back to her.  

Women who treat money from a male perspective are missing a key piece of their feminine power. Adopting rules that work for men is like a fish trying to walk on land. It just doesn’t work.

Learn to listen to money from a feminine, authentic place of love and wholeness.

Learn the Art of Being Human.

Money Becomes Your Servant,

not Your Master.

Instead of strife and struggle, you can attract abundance and wealth with grace and ease. You just have to know the steps.

Meditation trains your brain to reach that space of silence. That place where your intuition, instinct and inventiness lives.

The Empowered Money Mindset Meditation will help you to:

Connect to that place inside that is without words;

*  Cultivate your essence; and

*  Create from your beingness, not your actions.

About Kathryn Eriksen


I have discovered a simple truth: when I show up authentically and connected to my higher self, my life flows with grace and ease. It is only when I listen to the world’s views that my life starts to turn and twist in whatever direction the wind is blowing.

The same is true for every person on the planet. You know everything you need to know to live a joyful, fulfilled life. You have just forgotten.

That’s why I created Empowered Way. It’s designed for women who are passionate about showing up authentically in their lives and business.

As a Sacred Money Archetype Coach, I can teach you how to shift your relationship with money. As a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, I create meditations and journal prompts that help you stay connected and grounded in the present moment.

You can learn more about me by visiting my Facebook Group: Empowered Way Coaching. My path through life has been straight, then crooked, with a few u-turns. I firmly believe in the possibilities that surround us, and the creative spirit that is within each of us.

Won’t you join me in this wonderful adventure called Life?