The focus of Empowered Way is on women entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in the world. We are women who have been through the hard times, learning to turn inward for guidance and strength. Once we are grounded, we move outward and take positive action to serve others.

A New Way to Pay It Forward

What if you could raise money to help families in need be forgiven their medical debt? What if for every dollar donated, $100 in debt was forgiven?

The power of collective intention is another hallmark of Empowered Way.

I first learned of RIP Medical Debt from my coach, Gene Monterastelli, (an expert in Tapping, Neurolinquistic Programming and coaching). Gene is hosting a campaign to raise $2,000, to be donated to RIP to have $200,000 in medical debt forgiven.

Imagine the impact on the families who had hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital debt. Instead of being turned over to a collection agency who would hound them into bankruptcy, RIP Medical Debt buys their debt from the hospital and forgives it. No bankruptcy. No harassing phone calls. Just peace of mind knowing that your loved one received the care they needed and you paid what you could.

See how the power of collective intention works?

Gene has generously put several of his most popular products on sale! All proceeds will go toward this campaign. Please visit RIP Medical Debt Sale to learn more about his products:

  • Advanced Tapping Techniques – In this 8-hour training program Gene shares all the tools and techniques he uses to take tapping to the next level beyond the basic recipe. Gene also shares how he integrates concepts from NLP, hypnosis, parts mediation, and guided imagery to get more out of his tapping sessions. Normally $499Sale Price $250
  • 10 Question Process – This is the process Gene uses to plan big and small changes in his life. The process is designed to uncover all the hidden resistance you have to taking action and how to clear that resistance with tapping. Normally $197Sale Price $98
  • NLP for EFT – Gene shares his four favorite concepts form NLP and how he uses them with tapping. Normally $50Sale Price $25 

If any of these products call to you, please don’t hesitate to follow that impulse. You will not be disappointed! And you will help to retire hospital debt for families who could not afford to pay it. That’s a win-win for everyone!

Remember – you are Empowered Way!

Love and light,




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