Right now, we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. It feels as if the world is ending. Countries have closed their borders, Italy shut down, and soon other countries will follow.

What are you doing to cope with the fear, anxiety and worry generated by constant disruptions to your life?

I know that when I am fearful and anxious, I make poor decisions. I become selfish, protective and separate from others.

I also know that when I trust that we’ll all be O.K., that this too shall pass, and we are all in this together, my decisions are aligned with my values.

I created Empowered Way Moments to give drops of inspiration that you can listen to whenever you want (or need) to self-correct.

You are here, at this time, during this crisis, for a reason. Let that reason be that you are the calm one, you are the proactive one, setting the tone for everyone else.

Be the person who leads others to a new perspective. Where we see each other as ourselves, trying to live a decent life with what we know. Forgiveness and compassion starts with us, then is extended to the world.

It’s called #OneHumanity. And it starts with you.


Won’t you be part of #OneHumanity? Pass it on and let’s use this time of disruption to change the world.



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