Money is one of the most criticized, maligned and abused ideas to ever grace the planet. Money is blamed for our poor decisions, our low self-esteem, and our sense of worth.

The truth is, that money is the result of our decisions, not the cause.

Read that sentence again. Money is what shows up (or stays invisible) after we have created from our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.

It’s a simple formula that the world teaches backwards.

Think about the times you felt abundant, worthy and loved. Didn’t money seem to flow into your life from unexpected sources? Maybe you found a $20 bill lying on the floor, or someone cut you some slack on the amount you owed them. It doesn’t matter what form showed up, as long as you recognize that it came from you, as cause.

Women fall into this trap of believing their worth is tied to their bank account. But women have several advantages over men. I call them the Feminine Money Super Powers, and when you begin using them to create abundance, everything changes.

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