For many years, money and I didn’t get along. It was a strained relationship that I tried to control with doing. Focus more, work harder, strive for the next promotion, raise, etc. Even though I followed all of the “rules,” it never felt comfortable. I always seemed to be the one asking money to help me, instead of standing in my own power as a woman.

It wasn’t until I discovered that money has a feminine side that I began to feel equal. I looked behind the curtain and saw that money loves to play with creativity, joy, and compassion. I also discovered that women have three natural superpowers that we have to find out to step into a healthy relationship with money.

It’s as if women have a secret bank account of wealth that is accessible at any time, but no one told us about it. Instead, we have been taught that the only way to be with money is to use masculine energy, the doing energy of planning, data-supported step-by-step goals.

Do you want to know more about the feminine side of money? I learned through trial and error, and now I know the secret that allows me to peacefully create abundant wealth.

Money is no longer a mystery to me, something to strive for, plot, and plan to achieve. Instead, it is part of a much broader experience of wealth and abundance.

Do you have shame stories from the past that you still carry with you? Are you always in fear of your survival? It’s time to change your relationship with money and step into your wealth as a woman.

Please join me in my next webinar, “Discover Your Feminine Money Super Powers. You will experience a unique and radically different perspective about money.

Isn’t it time to release those old money stories and step into your power?

Please join me. It’s another journey on Empowered Way.

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