When I believe I am abundant, I see more abundance around me.

For example, one day last Spring, I decided to try an experiment. I told myself that “I am abundant” as I went about my day. At first, it seemed silly, because my mind immediately started arguing, telling me that my life was full of limitations.

But I persisted in telling myself, “I am abundant.” No matter what appeared in my view, no matter what happened that day, I was abundant.

A strange thing began to occur. As I moved through the day being abundant, I began to see things I hadn’t noticed before. There were vibrant flowers blooming everywhere I looked. People were enjoying the beautiful weather, and they were walking, riding bikes or playing volleyball. I was surrounded by abundance!

How could this be? Just the day before, I was convinced that my life was ruined, because I had an unexpected bill to pay. I judged myself for being so stupid about my money, and I fell into the rabbit hole of scarcity. I was being scarcity, and that was all I could see.

And then, it hit me. What I see show up in my life is generated from my previous thoughts! The scarcity I see now is because I was being scarcity in the past.

That evening, my husband and I stopped by the grocery store. I was now enthralled with this idea of being abundance, and as I walked several steps behind him, I was repeating my mantra, “I am abundant.”

I noticed the thousands of items that were available to buy, the different varieties of every food item (who knew there is a cake mix for chocolate coconut raspberry). I was simply observing and being abundant.

I glanced at the floor, and then I saw it. A $20 bill, lying face up on the polished, white linoleum. My husband had just walked by that money, and he never saw it. Several other people walked by before us, and they never saw it.

What was going on? Was everyone blind except for me?

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

– Henry David Thoreau

The Secret to Abundance

We have been trained to create our lives using this sequence: Do – Have – Be. Go to school, get a great job, work hard (doing), so you can have the nice house, car, vacation (having), so you can be happy (being).

This creation sequence is backwards!

As I discovered during my experiment (which has now become my habit), being what I desire first brings it to me. Instead of striving for that thing, person or event that is always in the future, I focus on the state of being that it will give me.

The secret formula for Abundance is: Be – Do – Have.

When you choose your beingness first, your actions will naturally follow, which produce what you desire to have.

The only way to learn this new creation sequence is to try it yourself. Decide on the state of being you desire for today, repeat the mantra, “I am ______ (your desired state of being),” and just watch what happens.

I always ask my clients to begin a Money Journal that they write in daily. When you are using the Abundance Formula, make a note in your journal what thoughts come up, what you observed as you were being, and any events that happened.

Do this for seven days, then look back to see any patterns of thought or behavior. Focus on what you no longer want in your life, by creating a new mantra of being. Daily repetition is the only way to retrain your mind.

Abundance and scarcity are around us all the time. You choose what you see.

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