A habit is simply a pattern of decisions that create behaviors. There is a path that leads you to create the habit — step by step, decision by decision.

Unravel the steps on the path, and you will uncover the reason why you chose that behavior.

Unravel Your Habits

Habits are patterns of decisions that create behaviors, usually unconsciously. You have followed this pattern so many times that it is ingrained and automatic.

The point now is to look behind the automatic response, identify the steps from the habit back to the original motivation, and experience that which you have avoided.

  1. Unravel the small decisions that create the pattern, and you will begin to see the energy behind the small decisions.
  2. When you see the energy of your decisions, you can then peel back the emotions that lie behind the energy. Emotions are energy in motion, and they are the fuel of your behaviors.
  3. When you reveal the motivation/emotion, and continue to reveal the layers, eventually you will arrive at the core. At the base of all emotions lies one of two states of being: Love or Fear.

Habits created out of love produce more love. Habits created out of fear produce more fear. Both love and fear are creative, but love expands and fear contracts.

Be the Author of Your Life, Not the Subject

When you discover that your unnecessary buying habit is motivated by fear, what then?

Sit with the fear, because it is trying to tell you something. Fear will only destroy you if you believe you are fear. When you sit with it, you create a gap between your awareness of fear, and the fear itself.

And you discover something quite remarkable. You are not your fear.

This one aha moment can change everything! If you are not your fear, then you must be something else, something bigger than fear. What that something is – that is for you to uncover. You could even say that your life is the journey to discover who-you-are.

Now that you see why you created the habit, is there another way you would rather be in that situation? For example, spending money on unnecessary things could come from an emotional need of acknowledgment. The fear behind the emotion is the fear of being unseen. When you sit with the fear of being unseen, you allow it to show you what it is protecting for you. Accept that you no longer are unseen, and watch your spending habit seemingly change by itself.

As you unravel your limiting habits, you create more space to choose expansive ways of being. You become the author of your life, creatively living, evolving and growing.

Love & light,


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