Are you happy with your relationship with money? Or do you find yourself spending on things you don’t need, never knowing why?

Money is not what you think it is.

We don’t see money, because it mirrors our beliefs about it. It is the perfect chameleon, shape shifting in the physical world as it reflects our beliefs back to us. We believe that what we see is real, and continue believing.

What if you could step back from your limiting beliefs about money and wealth, and reform them? It’s as simple as taking a short, 15 minute assessment, then exploring your Archetypes in greater depth.

What is an Archetype

An Archetype is a collection or group of characteristics that are universal and well recognized. Take the Hero Archetype, for example. What comes to mind – Captain America or Thor? Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

Heroes are recognized because they share common characteristics – vision, leadership, commitment to a higher ideal. You get the point.

There are Money Archetypes too – eight, in fact. Your top three Archetypes, or personalities, define your relationship with money.

Empowered Money Map

I have created a one-on-one coaching course called the Empowered Money Map. Over eight weeks (and eight sessions with me), you learn Who You Are with money. It’s empowering, transformative and exciting. But the full course is an intensive investment (both in terms of time and money).

That’s why I created the Mini-Course. It includes the first two modules of the full course that is delivered over four weeks. It also includes the meditations and journal prompts that support your journey. You work at your own pace, and then contact me at the end to assess your progress.

I am excited to offer you the Empowered Money Map Mini Course at 50% off. Just use the coupon SAVE100 at checkout.

Now is the best time to clarify your relationship with money, connect to abundance, and raise your wealth vibration. Please join me on this journey!

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