When you define “wealth” as what you possess, own, or your bank balance, you have confined yourself to poverty thinking.

The word “wealth” comes from the Old English word, “weal,” which means well-being. The concept of wealth in today’s world has narrowed from an expansive state of wholeness to a limiting lens of acquisition and possession. The result is poverty thinking, which creates more of the same.

It’s a self-made vortex that can only be escaped by stepping into wealth consciousness.

What is Wealth Consciousness?

The definition of wealth as well-being is the basis for wealth consciousness.

Well-being encompasses all aspects of your life – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Psychologists define well-being as “the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity.” When you are happy and healthy, when you have a sense of meaning or purpose, and you are in good mental health, all aspects of your life are balanced.

But how does well-being apply to money and wealth?

Simple Step #1: Everything is energy, including money and wealth.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. – Albert Einstein

Scientists have proven that what we perceive as physical matter is just energy. When they explored what makes up an atom, they found protons, neutrons, and electrons. As they continued to explore, they discovered that at the fundamental core of an atom, there was nothing physical – instead, it was energy.

Why is that important?

Human beings are made of atoms, which at their core, is energy. Whatever we perceive as physical matter is also energy, including money and wealth. Our energy interacts with the energy around us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Your thoughts are also energy. What you think about tend to expand or limit your perception of reality. When you constantly criticize your money decisions, for example, your thinking is not focused on possibilities or opportunities; instead, your mind looks for evidence on the outside to support your thoughts.

The key to wealth consciousness is to become aware of how your energy and thoughts are interacting with the energetic world around you.

Simple Step #2: Events are neutral, until you respond or react from your state of being.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. – Shakespeare

A glass falls and shatters on the floor, spilling water and creating a mess.

How do you react to this event if you’re having a bad day? You might get upset, cry or just walk away, because you can’t handle one more thing. If you’re having a great day, you might laugh at yourself, say something about being clumsy, or just clean it up so you can move to the next thing.

No matter what your reaction, the event of the glass falling, shattering, and spilling water is neutral. It doesn’t have meaning until you react or respond to it. And your reaction or response comes from your state of being in that moment.

Your state of being is your energetic lens through which you perceive the world.

Simple Step #3:                 Poverty thinking and wealth are both states of being.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This isn’t philosophy. This is physics. – Albert Einstein

Everything is energy, remember? That means that your state of being is also energy, interacting with the energy of the world around you. Your energetic beingness influences how you experience the world.

It’s your choice to be in poverty thinking or wealth consciousness.

Poverty thinking is a choice to see the world as fearful, limiting, and empty of possibilities. If you could listen to a person thinking limiting thoughts, it might sound something like this:

  • The economy is terrible. I will never find a job.
  • I won’t ever make enough money to live the life I want.
  • I think I’ll go buy a lottery ticket.

Guess what happens when you are in poverty thinking? You see the world through that lens and you miss all of the opportunities around you. That “help wanted” sign on the door of a business isn’t noticed because you are thinking about your bills or worried about your job.

Wealth Consciousness is also an energetic state of being that interacts with the world. Wealth means “well-being” and the “beingness” is the energetic component. If you could listen to a person thinking wealth thoughts, it might sound like this:

  • My wealth starts with me. I am grateful for my life, my family, and myself.
  • I am so grateful for COVID, because I found a new way to make a living.
  • Today is a perfect day to volunteer at the food pantry.

When you are aware of your wealth in all areas of your life, your mind is open to see abundance and possibilities that surround you. It’s as if you have taken off the blinders of scarcity thinking and now you can interact with the world from a place of empowerment.

Move from Poverty Thinking to Empowerment

When you remember that everything is energy, including you, your thoughts, and your state of being in every moment, you don’t take offense at the slightest thing. When you feel triggered by an event, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” Then say “thank you.”

Be aware of your energetic state of being in every moment and move from survival, poverty thinking to expanded wealth consciousness.

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