This famous line from the Tom Cruise movie, “Jerry Maguire,” has been repeated in memes, songs, and even a Netflix series.

Everyone chases money as if it were the magical solution to all of their problems. Instead of being peaceful with creating abundance, our attention is turned toward the external world, and our actions are fueled by fear.

Fear is always based on a belief in lack and limitation. Fear contracts, diminishes, and distorts what we see in the world. Fear based thinking always leads to competition, judgment, and isolation, because there’s only so much to go around.

Abundance living is the opposite. When you live from abundance, you have already experienced what you are seeking. The experience of abundance directs your words, actions, and behavior, which tends to create more abundance.

It’s an ever-evolving flow of energy. Live from fear, and you will experience more of the same. Fear has many faces, such as disdain, arrogance, and judgment. When you interact with others from fear, they know it instantly and will probably react in kind.

When your energy is abundance based, you show up differently in the world.

Possibilities and opportunities present themselves to you, and because your mind is expansive and open, you choose whether to move forward. Peace and joy become your companions, and generosity, compassion, and forgiveness your touchstones.

The key to creating a life you love, is to be the chooser of your energy flow. Money is the byproduct of your choice.

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