When I wrote “The Money Tree,” my passionate desire was to create a story that captivated, educated, and elevated the reader.

Why did I take the time to write the book?

It’s because we have money, wealth and abundance all wrong. We focus on the outcome instead of being first. We take action towards a goal, but never bother to become aligned with our innerverse – the state of being we desire to experience.

If this sounds too airy-fairey, don’t worry.

You’ll have to read “The Money Tree” and then decide if these spiritual concepts make sense. To tip the scale in your favor, consider these benefits that have been experienced by readers of the book:

➡️ Peace, freedom, and joy, even when they pay their bills 🙂

➡️ A stable financial environment created from their inner resources; and

➡️ Fear is replaced with love and that changes more than just money.

As one Amazon reviewer said, “An engaging, short read that is chock full of metaphysical ideas presented with simplicity and joy…”

In the end, only you can change your relationship to money, wealth, and abundance. No one outside of you is responsible for your relationships — it’s the person you see in the mirror. Don’t you owe it to yourself to discover a new way to BE with money?

Flow is the Money Tree. She lands on earth and must discover how to help humans learn to be with money. Available on Amazon:The Money Tree: Transform Scarcity Thinking to Empowered Wealth Consciousness“.

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