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Discover Your Feminine Money Super Powers and peacefully create abundant wealth.
Become an Empowered Money Master

Taking on my money fears, one breath at a time.

Money is a shape shifter. It changes into whatever shape and form that you decide. The problem is that as you pile on new meanings and give money its value, you can get caught in a vortex of limiting beliefs.

That’s what happened to me, until I discovered the escape hatch. I discovered  my natural money personalities and gained new understanding into my behavior. Needless spending no longer troubled me, emotional needs were met in new ways (that didn’t involve my credit card) and I discovered that I could peacefully create abundant wealth.

Isn’t it time for you to learn your Feminine Money Super Powers? 

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Money Is Not the Enemy

Have you ever heard the expression, “Money is a mirror of your inner world”? The first time I heard that sentiment, I immediately turned away from it. “How can that be true?” I had plenty of evidence of life being the culprit and the cause of my unhappiness. The stack...

You are Welcome at the Wealth Table

How to you view wealth? It's an adaptable concept that reflects your inner thoughts and beliefs. Do you hate wealthy people and think they should be forced to give back the money they created? Are you uncomfortable when you have more than you need? Do you enjoy the...

Where will we be after Coronavirus?

Right now, we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. It feels as if the world is ending. Countries have closed their borders, Italy shut down, and soon other countries will follow. What are you doing to cope with the fear, anxiety and worry generated by...