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It’s Time to Empower Your Relationship with Money

Instead of living a small life, isn’t it time to learn how powerful you are in your finances and inside your business? When you are clear, focused and certain in your relationships with money and your business, magic happens. You create from the inside out and you stand in your own strength, becoming impactful and influential as a result.

Sometimes, it takes a trained, outside observer to help you see where you may be sabotaging yourself. When I work with you, the first thing we do is discover your Sacred Money Archetypes, then we dive into limiting beliefs and patterns. I share tools, meditations and ways to raise your awareness, so you can make different choices.

My clients enter into a new relationship with money.

Here are a few of their comments after coaching:

“Your voice has become the Voice of Money Consciousness in my head. When I was about to offer a course for free, because I didn’t think anyone would pay for it, I heard your voice say, “How is that helping exchange the energy of life?” I decided to charge a small amount to keep the flow of love moving. This way of life is now becoming ingrained.”


Empowered Money Map Graduate

“Thank you for opening my limited beliefs around money and my thoughts.  Your wisdom guided me through the process of understanding money flows, your thoughts flow neither are meant to be held captive. Your thoughts and Money have no boundaries. The energy you give them is what they become.” 


Empowered Money Map Graduate

“Kathryn and I were able to find the right balance between my three archetypes. From taking this course, I’ve learned to be aware of not only where I spend money but why I spend it and what my priorities are with money. The exercises were helpful to uncover my real beliefs about money and to show me different perspectives that were significant to my experience.”


Are You Living Your Dream?

Remember your dreams before you learned about money? Anything was possible because you believed it.

And then, money entered your world. It seemed very masculine, very powerful. Your parents or caregivers were probably impressed by its influence and shattered by how deeply it could impact their relationships.

You may have absorbed these patterns and think that’s the only way to be with money. There is another way.

Take the Empowered Money Map journey and learn how to peacefully create abundant wealth.

The Mini-Course is Now Available!

For some women, the full Empowered Money Map can be a bit over-whelming. And that’s perfectly O.K.

During the Mini-Course, you learn your Sacred Money Archetypes (worth the price of the course), and how to transform your limiting beliefs about money and wealth. Go from lack and limitation thinking to abundance and prosperity perspectives.

Imagine if you could:

  • Feel joyful, playful and creative about money;
  • Break the cycle of feast or famine; and
  • Understand your money strengths and gifts.

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Discover Your Feminine Money Super Powers!

When you can see your money shadows, you have space to make new choices and step into your Super Powers.


Instead of strife and struggle, you attract abundance and wealth with grace and ease. You just have to understand who-you-are in your relationship with money.

It’s a simple equation:

Awareness + Observation = Space to make new choices


What would your life look like with new tools and a stronger knowing that you can create abundance and wealth with grace and ease?

Different choices made from deeper knowledge creates empowered results.

It’s all inside the VIP Workshop.
Offered once a month online.

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If you have ever felt disconnected from money and abundance, it may be that you are living your life based on five money beliefs that sabotage your success.

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