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A New In-Person Workshop:

Discover Your Feminine Money Super Powers

And Elevate Your Wealth Consciousness

"How you do money is how you do life." - Kathryn Eriksen 

Money is the ultimate chameleon. It accepts any meaning that we give it, it morphs into a Super Hero or a Villain in an instant, and it reflects the stories we have created about it.

For women, money can be mysterious, complex and frightening. Why? Because we have been taught how to succeed inside a masculine money system. For women to feel fulfilled and succeed inside the current masculine money model is like asking a fish to fly. It just doesn’t work. 

Isn't it time to learn about the Feminine Side of Money? To connect to that part of yourself that is already happy, healthy and peaceful? 

You are the gatekeeper to your own source of abundance, expansiveness, joy and peace. Wealth is what you declare it to be - and the same goes for money. 

You are the source. 

It's not out there - waiting for you to figure it out. 

It's all in here.

"I learned that it's time for me to exchange the energy of life in my services. I now see that it's an exchange of value that keeps abundance flowing."

- Genie (Dallas, Texas)

"I learned so much about myself and my money relationship!
Now I can spot my limiting beliefs and when I am not using my power to stay in abundance."

- Charlotte (Frisco, Texas)

"I thought I knew how to attract money and abundance, but I was missing key elements. Thank you Kathryn,for showing me how to be abundance."

- Deb (Dallas, Texas)

Discover Your Feminine Money Super Powers Workshop

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

7:00 - 9:00 p.m. cst

Online (Zoom)

You're in luck! There is still room. 

Price: $97.00 

Value to You: Priceless  

Your Future is Waiting!

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Here's what I will be teaching...

Learn Your Sacred Money Archetypes®

DISCOVER YOUR MONEY PERSONALITY: Take the assessent and uncover the mystery of your Money Personality. Understanding is power and when you know how you relate to money, your financial life radically shifts and aligns to your strengths and gifts.

BENEFITS: Your Money Personality is a template of how you relate to money. How easily you attract or repel money depends on whether you understand who-you-are with money. Your Sacred Money Archetypes act like a road map on your journey. Challenges will be identified, gifts are revealed and strengths emphasized.

Identify Your Core Money Values 

IDENTIFY CORE MONEY VALUES: We will take you through a powerful visualization that will help you identify your core values about money. This step is vital because when you are in alignment with your values, money tends to flow.

BENEFITS: Money will no longer be a mysterious concept. Instead, you will feel more comfortable and secure in your relationship with money, because you have identified what you value most. Values that are clear and defined act as guideposts on your financial journey.

Create Your Conscious Money Compass 

CREATE YOUR MONEY COMPASS: We wilI guide you through a simple process that helps you identify your empowering words and actions in relation to money. Combined with the core values you identified, your Money Compass becomes an alignment tool for your future financial decisions.  

BENEFITS: When the four points of your Money Compass are complete, it is a guide that you can use before you make any financial decisions. Emotions are removed from the equation and clarity of purpose and intention steer your course. Confusion about the "right" decisions becomes a memory. Peace of mind is the end result.

Mindfulness and Money  

MINDFULNESS AND MONEY GO HAND IN HAND: Mindfulness isn't complicated or scary. It just means to be present in the moment, focused with your attention on what is before you. Learning to apply mindfulness skills to your relationship with money is simple and provides a profound empact that will be experienced long after our time together is over.

BENEFITS: As you become more aware of your money relationship, you will discover that you can stop self-sabotage before it happens. Mindful decisions, made in alignment with your Money Compass and Money Personality, are powerful, sustainable and supportive. You become a woman who knows what she wants, why she wants it and you are confident that you can pay for it. 

I am a woman who chased money inside the masculine model. Go to school, start a career, work your way up the ladder...achieve, then do it again. Stressful, exhausting, unsatisfying and unnatural.

I decided there had to be a better way -- and that's when I discovered Sacred Money Archetypes. It changed my life and now I want to share it with you. 

When you know your gifts, strengths and challenges around money, you begin to recognize the patterns of behavior that have sabotaged your growth and evolution.

Awareness of the patterns opens the door to make different decisions, resulting in a different reality. Abundance, grace, ease and freedom fill your days, and gratitude fills your heart.

You have Money Super Powers - You have just forgotten!

Your Guide

Kathryn Eriksen is the creator of Empowered Way Coaching. She is passionate about showing you the power of your mind and your ability to create your reality

Kathryn is Certified as a Sacred Money Archetype Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and a Money, Marketing & Soul coach. She is also a writer, speaker and passionate connector. In another lifetime, she was a litigation attorney who knew there was a better way to live.

My mission is to raise the wealth consciousness of women, so we can heal our world.

Meet Flow.

The pandemic was harder on women than any other group. When I realized that I could share the energy of abundance by creating a story about the Money Tree, it gave me purpose.

Flow is the name of the Money Tree. She came to earth to teach humans a different way to be with money. The only problem is that she didn't know what money was or why humans struggled.

Flow's journey is a window into your relationship with money, wealth, and abundance. Her obstacles are the same ones you have experienced, but Flow discovered a way out of the maze.

You'll receive a signed copy of The Money Tree when you attend the workshop.

Just imagine what your life will look like after experiencing your Feminine Super Powers.

You will see new possibilities around Money. 

Price: $97

Value to You: Priceless