Discover the Feminine Side of Money

In the past, men created the rules for the economy and business that highlighted their strengths, and accented women’s weaknesses. Women do not thrive in a system designed by men, for men. It’s like asking a fish to climb a tree, then judging it by its failure. Women have been swimming in the wrong ocean.

Jump into the water of spiritual abundance.

As a woman, you already have the ability to dance with Feminine Energy.

You are worthy. You deserve more. It’s time to thrive.

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I am passionate about sharing the message of feminine empowerment in money and business. Women have been trained to disregard their super powers of awareness, intuition and accessing abundance. Our status in the world reflects our unconscious beliefs that we should follow the rules created by men.

It’s time for women to discover their inherited genius to create from within and to know which path to take, not from data-driven decisions, but from their own power of knowing.

My mission is to be the catalyst for women to discover their powerful ability to peacefully create abundant wealth.

You are a powerful creator – isn’t it time you learned more? 

The Spiritual Side of Money

by A Conversation with June Dillinger & Kathryn Eriksen

Empowered Wealth Consciousness

by A Conversation with Ricci-Jane Adams & Kathryn Eriksen

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